Family Group Conference

Why us ??

Are you working with a Family with Child Protection Concerns ?

Are you looking for a Plan that suits your family, and is customised with your needs .

Do you need support with a family member or friend that is going through difficult situations that involve Family and Community Services?

Would you like to reconnect with your family members to help support a child in your family or circle of friends

Would you like someone to take lead and Facilitate your Family Meeting that is a Neutral participant.

Would you like to meet all the professionals whom are working together to help support your family and discuss about your hopes and dreams for your loved ones?

What are the Bottom lines ??       Where will my child/children go ?      Who can take care of my child?

If you have any questions similar or the same, contact LINDA SINGH from F.I Consulting now to discuss about (FGC) Family Group Conference.

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