Family Group Conference (FGC)

What is Family Group Conference (FGC)

A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a mediated formal meeting between family members and other officials such as Social Workers, Police, in regards to the Care and Protection or Criminal offending a Child or adolescent.

FGC's originated in New Zealand, and were originally used to allow Social work practice to work with and not against Maori values and culture. "The young children, Young Persons, and their Families Act 1989" made them a central part of practice and services where serious decisions about the children are to be made .

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Family Group Conference is a process that empowers families to use their support systems that they have, look at utilising them, if they are invested the young child or person.

An FGC addresses the care and child protection issues that the Department have of the family.

Family Group Conferencing is a Strength based practice, strengthening all parties that attend, families also make new connections with members they have not spoken to or seen.

Its an opportunity for children to remain within their families and be supported giving them the acceptability and goals to work with.

Family Group Conference will explore options that could resolve in the need for Intervention by Government agencies and non-government organisations.

Family Group Conferencing will also provide Family Plans, Goals, Time frames with the Family for the child/children and where to from here.

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